September 25, 2016


Welcome to our website, where you'll find all the details you need about our wedding. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you!

Welcome to our website, where you'll find all the details you need about our wedding. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you!
We met.
We fell in love.
We got engaged.
Sep 25
6:00 pm
to 10:00 pm
Private Events
Key People
Pam and Jerry Dela Cruz
Lisa's parents
When Pam (an army brat) and Jerry (a native Hawaiian) met at the age of 16 while attending Leilehua High School in Wahiawa, Hawaii, they immediately started dating. However, right after high school graduation, Pam's father received orders and her family moved to San Antonio. It only took Pam one month to hop back on an airplane to Hawaii, where she lived for two years before deciding to move back to Texas to pursue her degree in nursing. Just four months later, Jerry crossed the Pacific Ocean for the first time and arrived in San Antonio with a surf board in one hand and a box of pineapples in the other.

Pam and Jerry built their life together in San Antonio, where they got married, bought their first home, and had three children. They've lived in San Angelo for the last 25 years. They are hoping to say goodbye to San Angelo soon and join their daughters in Austin.
Barbara and John Hudgens
Sarah's parents
Barbara and John met and married in Dallas. A few years later, they made the stellar decision to move to Austin. After 24 years of living in the Austin area, they returned to Dallas, where they now reside in the Hollywood Heights neighborhood of East Dallas — one of the few areas in Big D reminiscent of Austin.

Barbara and John have one son, Eric, who lives with his wife and three daughters in Abbeville, SC. They are preparing to celebrate their retirement in a couple of years and look forward to moving back to Central Texas someday.
Meredith Roberts
Mer, a coworker and close friend of Sarah's, was one of the earliest and loudest cheerleaders of our budding romance, and we love her dearly for it. An advertising copywriter, improv comedian, and whip-smart badass, Mer is the perfect choice to lead our ceremony.
Alex Cummins
Lisa and Alex met while attending Southwestern University and have been family to each other ever since. Over the past decade, they have traveled to many states, camped at many parks, gone on many adventures, supported each other's creative endeavors, and had hundreds of conversations that lasted well into the night.

Alex spent time teaching English in Turkey and then attended graduate school in New York. He now lives in Austin, where he is a dedicated and beloved preschool teacher. In his free time, Alex reads (a lot!), writes, and makes friends with cats.
Amber Carns
Lisa and Amber became fast friends their senior year of high school while working on their high school TV channel and occasionally running around in painted overalls at football games. Amber threw Lisa a surprise 17th birthday party, and they've been best friends ever since.

From planning annual camping trips to learning to craft to sewing garments made from curtains found in Amber's aunt's attic, the two have always supported each other's interests and artistic endeavors. Amber has offered tremendous help and support in planning the wedding, and we're so excited to have her participate in the ceremony.

Amber lives in Austin and is mom to an adorable color-matched cat and dog. A talented weaver and crafter, Amber enjoys sipping on Miller Lite on a patio or by a pool.
Kelley Sawyer
Sarah and Kelley met at a bar called the Rainbow Cattle Company 13 years ago, when Sarah was still wearing baby T's with baggy shorts and Kelley was still rocking the surfer girl look. Their friendship has taken them all over the country, through multiple cross-country moves and too many (mis)adventures to count. Kelley played a key part in Lisa and Sarah's engagement — in fact, the location was her idea!

A native of the Corpus Christi area, Kelley attended the University of Texas for undergrad and is now a PhD student in cultural anthropology at the University of New Mexico. She loves horses, boat shoes, stripes, her cat Merriweather, and ice. Oh, how she loves ice.
Lyndol Descant
Lyndol and Sarah met 15 years ago when they were both photo researchers at the educational publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston (now Harcourt). You could find them doing karate in the hallways or playing dress-up in the photo studio at any given time . . . it's a wonder neither of them were fired. Through their many moves (primarily Lyndol's world travels), they stayed close and can't wait to catch up at the wedding.

A musician, photographer, painter, writer, and teacher, Lyndol is currently gracing NYC with her many talents.
Allison Dela Cruz
VIE (Very Important Extra)
Allison is Lisa's younger sister and lives in Austin with her adorable shih tzu, Anela. Allison is a badass artist and works as a video game environment designer. In her free time, she plays lots of video games. Seriously — she has logged over 1,000 hours on Destiny. She's also a fantastic baker and really great at making cosplay costumes.
Austin, Texas